From: Todd Hollenshead
To: "'Piotr Marek Jr.'"
Subject: RE: word QUAKE in domain name? urgent copyrights question.
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 09:17:37 -0500


This should be fine as long as there is no commercial exploitation of the trademark. You should still give id credit for ownership of the registered trademark QUAKE. "QUAKE is a registered trademark of Id Software, Inc. All rights reserved." should be sufficient.

Todd Hollenshead
id Software, Inc.

From: Piotr Marek Jr.
Sent: Monday, June 02, 1997 3:11 AM
Cc: Kamil 'RooS' Ruszkowski; Marcin Jagodzinski; Marcin Klimowski
Subject: word QUAKE in domain name? urgent copyrights question.

Dear Todd,

I hope You're the right person to talk about. I have very urgent question concerning "Quake" word and copyrights related to it.
I live in Poland and we have an idea with my close friends to set up kind of a main Polish Quake resources Web server. Something like Slipgates but with news added. I run a Quakepage by myself but we thought something bigger would keep up the growing number of players in Poland and information stream coming on every day. When it came to the name of a domain which is quite important for us (must be so obvious that even newcomer should reach us) and the name we thought would be great is my biggest concern.
Here's my question: is it possible to register domain name like so the website would be
Why we have chosen such name? It names directly our interests, it claims that we are here for no comercial things, and of course it points we are Polish server (.pl top-level).
If, by any means, such (and similar) domain name would violate id Software's copyrights - please let me know and maybe You could give me some guidelines what should be avoided.
Your (or anyone at charge) response will be very appreciated and we'll be grateful to hear id Software's opinion.

Piotr Marek, Jr.